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You may be surprised at just how popular these are with your guests. From excitable children, to elderly family members with fond memories of the good old days, our garden games have brought guests of all ages together for light hearted fun, across venues throughout Gloucestershire & beyond, many times.

Our traditional garden games keep the spirit of jolly good, old fashioned fun, alive. Why not add a floor standing cherry blossom tree or two, to help style the outdoor space? You may also be surprised at how competitive guests get with these garden games- particularly after a cocktail or two!


Garden Game Collection

£169.00 for all 3 games

- coconut shy, hoopla & ball in the bucket
- all soft balls & hoops provided
- skilfully hand-painted by a professional fairground artist
- games are approx. 5ft tall

- health & safety / small child / venue floor friendly (coconuts hinge down when knocked, as opposed to dropping & hitting the floor)

To check the availability of our Garden Games, get in touch!


Garden Game Collection

- beat the buzzer    £34.00

- snakes & ladders 3D table game    £34.00
- professional grade table football   £59.00

- traditionally handpainted, unique garden games

- all balls & counters provided

- hire all 3 Mix & Match Garden Games or add individual games to our Fairground Garden Game Collection for a brilliantly fun set up!

To check the availability of our Garden Games, get in touch!


*The above prices include professional installation. Delivery/collection charges may apply based on mileage and the order value. We are very happy to liaise with your chosen venue to organise the delivery and collection times - that's one less job for you!

A minimum order may be required and our terms and conditions apply, which you can read here.

If you have any questions or wish to check availability, do get in touch!

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