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If you wish to host a wonderful Wedding or Event, it is often the unique or quirky finishing touches that take your venue styling to the next level, and helps ensure that the occasion is truly memorable.

From a 7ft tall Statue of Liberty, to restored carousel horses from the 1960s, we are proud to be home to a fabulous collection of quirky & vintage props, to further inject serious style into your Wedding or Event!



£149.00 each
- Tess & Ann are our sister carousel horses from the 1960s, which we have lovingly restored
- approx 6ft long from hoof to hoof & 4ft tall
- carousel horses are on gold, twirly poles and are installed on black support bases so are totally freestanding
- indoor, marquee & outdoor use
(weather & location permitting)
 - 2 restored carousel horses available & you can hire the set for £274.00

To check the availability of our

Carousel Horses, get in touch!


Of Liberty

- floor standing, light up statue of liberty
- 6.5ft tall, PAT tested & mains operated
- indoor and marquee use only
- our statue of liberty looks even more impressive with our LED venue 
uplighters behind it, shooting up a wave of colour in contrast, which you can find more information on here

To check the availability of our Floral Heart, get in touch!


Stylish Prop Collection

- gold & wood gramophone    £19.00 

- silver & white gramophone   £19.00  

- black & gold original typewriter   £15.00 

- authentic HRH King George top hat   £9.00

- stack of 14 x vintage books   £9.00

- melting oversized pocket watch   £8.00

- red, cream & blue vintage cases

(set of 3)   £14.00

- original 1930s British Warwickshire Regiment WWII flag   £34.00

To check the availability of our

Vintage Props, get in touch!


*The above prices include professional installation. Delivery/collection charges may apply based on mileage and the order value. We are very happy to liaise with your chosen venue to organise the delivery and collection times - that's one less job for you!

A minimum order may be required and our terms and conditions apply, which you can read here.

If you have any questions or wish to check availability, do get in touch!

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