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One of the most memorable parts of any Wedding or Event is the food.

Why not ensure your venue styling continues where your food is concerned, by using our cake & sweets vintage table to beautifully showcase the delicious treats that your guests can enjoy?

French Style Cake or Sweetie Table


- vintage, fresh style table, with 3 x mirrors which perfectly reflect beautiful wedding & event cake decoration, treats and sweeties
- approx 1.35m x 52cm (kidney bean shape)

- easily wipeable service and useful drawers for napkin, cake box and sweetie bag storage

- indoor, marquee & outdoor use
(weather permitting)

To check the availability of our

Vintage Table, get in touch!


*The above prices include professional installation. Delivery/collection charges may apply based on mileage and the order value. We are very happy to liaise with your chosen venue to organise the delivery and collection times - that's one less job for you!

A minimum order may be required and our terms and conditions apply, which you can read here.

If you have any questions or wish to check availability, do get in touch!

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